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Diseases and infections may spread in gyms

Some go to gyms with the intention of maintaining health in general and obtaining fitness and a distinctive shape, but does it threaten you with health problems in the end if you are not careful while you are in the gym?

This topic deals with such matters related to some cases and diseases that can be infected with, their causes, and some advice for prevention and treatment of them, which can begin to suffer from them if you are a pioneer of gymnasiums and are present in them on a regular basis.

* Causes of pollution and the spread of infection in gym halls:

1- Sweat and high temperature  : Some of the trainees inside the gym are exposed to respiratory diseases and violent colds, and this is due to sweat, as the human body excretes a large proportion of sweat and moves directly to open and cold places suddenly.

The body temperature rises during exercise, and a large percentage of oxygen is consumed with the exit of carbon dioxide, which makes the place suitable for the growth of viruses, bacteria and fungi, causing the spread of various diseases.

2 – Using towels and drinking cold drinks:  Infection in all its forms may be transmitted through the use of towels located inside the gymnasiums, which carry inside them microbes and bacteria that lead to infection of skin diseases, as well as when consuming cold drinks that may be contaminated from the corrupt air in the place that leads to diseases Viral hepatitis, diarrhea and gastroenteritis .

3- Dependence on operating air conditioners: The air in gym halls is polluted due to the presence of a high percentage of carbon dioxide in it, as well as due to lack of good ventilation and reliance on air conditioners that help spread the bad air again and the infection and diseases it carries.

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4- Lack of attention to the cleanliness and disinfection of sports equipment and floors: the floors and devices must be cleaned continuously with strong disinfectants and water to limit the growth of viruses and bacteria attached to them and not to transmit them to people.

Some of the diseases that are spread in gym halls:

1 – Foot fungus infection : You may be exposed to a fungus infection if you walk around the gym without shoes. You may also get a fungal infection in the nails. Sometimes the fungus infection ends up affecting all parts of the feet, starting with the upper part, the sides and then down, causing dehydration and thick crust For the skin.

It is recommended to wear sports shoes and keep the feet clean and dry regularly while in the gym to avoid exposure to fungi infection. If you have already contracted a fungus infection, you should use anti-fungal creams and solutions.

2- Cold and flu virus: The viral infection of colds and influenza  thrives for more than three months. In gymnasiums, you end up using the equipment and equipment available for everyone, which makes you vulnerable to colds and suffer from them frequently. To avoid infection with this type of virus, you must make sure of Wipe the surfaces of equipment and appliances before using them.

3-Plantar lump: The  bump or pimple (plantar protuberance) is another type of disease that is transmitted during a stay in gyms or an infection that is not person-to-person. This disease is caused by the HPV virus (human papillomavirus). If you are exposed to this virus, you should visit your doctor The specialist in this case to receive appropriate treatment.

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4- Viral hepatitis: viral  hepatitis: You may be exposed to bacteria and fungi if you do not take the necessary precautions when you are in the gym, and this infection is transmitted either through stool or mouth. The infection is transmitted simply from people who do not care to wash their hands well after using the toilets And they head to the gym after that. The infection spreads from their hands to sports equipment and is then picked up by other people.

These diseases cause diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal cramps. If you are exposed to such cases, make sure to visit your doctor to take advice and appropriate treatment. Neglecting these diseases may cause difficult treatment and this may require a long time to heal.