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How do I differentiate between pregnancy blood and menstrual blood?

The first symptoms of pregnancy and the symptoms of near menstruation are very similar , and even bleeding may be a symptom of pregnancy, or the so-called bleeding implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus. And blood comes out when the egg is implanted in the uterus in about a third of pregnancies, so it is necessary to know the difference between menstrual blood and pregnancy blood to determine when pregnancy occurs, to be able to follow it professionally and to accurately determine the date of birth.

The difference between menstrual blood and pregnancy blood

Bleeding resulting from implantation of the egg in the uterus usually occurs in a very early stage of pregnancy, and often in the absence of any other symptoms that predict the occurrence of pregnancy, so we will now try to explain to you the difference between pregnancy blood and menstrual blood in these five following points:

First: the amount of blood

  • The amount of blood for pregnancy:  the blood flow in the case of pregnancy is light throughout the period of its birth, and the amount does not increase on the second or third day as the usual menstrual blood.
  • The amount of menstrual blood : the  amount varies from day to day, if the amount of blood flowing is large, exclude pregnancy, then it is most likely menstruation.

Second: The duration of the bleeding

  • Duration of bleeding during pregnancy:  The bleeding continues in pregnancy for a day or two at most, and appears in the form of intermittent spots, but in some women the bleeding may last for four days.
  • Duration of menstrual bleeding:  Menstrual bleeding begins lightly and lasts for at least 4-7 days, and remains continuous throughout the period between light to strong, but it does not interrupt as usual for you.
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Third: the color of blood

  • Pregnancy blood color: The  color of blood is light, brown or pink in pregnancy. Volume 0%
  • The color of menstrual blood :  bright red blood is the color of menstrual blood, and brown blood means that the blood resulting from implantation of the egg in the wall of the uterus will remain for a period before it comes out, and it often has a clear smell as well, and this is usual in these cases.

Fourth: the form of contractions

  • Pregnancy contractions:  Mild, so the presence of mild contractions with brown bleeding can be considered a clear sign of pregnancy.
  • Menstrual contractions: They are more severe, and in some cases the contractions may be violent, and the amount of blood is also large.

The difference between menstrual blood and abortion blood

Miscarriage is fairly common in the first trimester. It occurs in about 10% of known pregnancies. In some cases, a miscarriage can happen before you know you are pregnant. If this happens, you may not notice anything different from your usual period.

 Here’s how to distinguish abortion blood:

  • Nausea
  • diarrhea.
  • The presence of secretions or lumps of blood.
  • Cramps in your abdomen or lower back (these can start out like menstrual cramps, but the pain gets worse over time).
  • During a miscarriage, bleeding increases and lasts longer than the menstrual cycle.
  • When the cervix begins to dilate, the cramping may become more painful than normal menstrual cramps.
  • During a miscarriage, blood can appear brown and look like coffee grounds. Or it could be pink to bright red.
  • If you miscarry before you are eight weeks pregnant, it may look like heavy menstrual blood. But a miscarriage late in pregnancy shows fetal tissue or placenta.
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The first signs of pregnancy

Many questions may recur on your mind, and in all cases, you must wait at least a week for the delay of your period, as the delay may be natural due to fatigue or fatigue. The descent of very small drops of blood is one  of the early symptoms of pregnancy , but it is not necessary for every woman to show all signs, as some signs may not occur to you, and in any case they are just simple blood points and stop immediately. There are some common signs of pregnancy, such as:

  • Sepia spotting before, on or after the time of the period.
  • Blood bleeding a week before the period.
  • Streaks of blood coming out.
  • Delayed menstruation, bloody secretions, or spotting after it is delayed.

The truth is that a late period or irregularity in its shape may be a sign of pregnancy , but to make sure a pregnancy test must be performed, and certainly a digital pregnancy test is the most accurate, followed by a regular blood test and finally home.

It is important to know the difference between menstrual blood and pregnancy blood, which is in the form of discontinuous spots, regardless of its color, with attention to the need to note the continuation of blood, if it continues or increases its amount, you should consult your doctor.