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How do I know My Husband’s Personality Style?

Northern character

Northern characters are characterized by rapid anger and quick satisfaction, while the other northern characters are characterized as follows:
  • Speed ​​and ability to quickly perform various tasks.
  • The lack of ease of social integration.
  • Tendency to decisive and control others.
  • Will and ability to drive.
  • Interest in work.
  • very confident.
  • We can call her an introverted emotional character.

Eastern character

The eastern personality is characterized by low anger and quick satisfaction, and the eastern personality is characterized by the following:
  • Slowness in completing tasks.
  • Integration into society is not easy.
  • Know the details.
  • Tend to analyze and think logically.
  • Love precision and order.
  • Serious and conservative.
  • Take responsibility.
  • We can classify her as a comfortable introvert.

Western character

Westerners are characterized by rapid anger and slow satisfaction, while Westerners have the following characteristics:
  • Adventure and risk.
  • It has a wide range of social activities.
  • Fast and lively.
  • Thinking with a special creative ability.
  • Several tasks can be handled together.
  • Flexible and enthusiastic.
  • A dreamer and a free spirit.
  • We can classify this personality as an emotional and extroverted personality.
When looking at the previous classification, we find that there is a clear overlap between the basic characteristics of the different northern, southern, eastern and western personality styles, and the personalities are often mixed, after performing the accurate personality styles test , but mixed mode is the most common mode, for example, it can be That your husband joins the class of people in the northeast or southwest.

How to benefit from the personal compass

You can benefit from this classification of the human species in several ways:
  • Define the personal model of each person, especially your own, and the styles of your spouse and children.
  • A clear understanding of your personality traits will give you the opportunity to play and strengthen your personality traits and your partner’s personality, and understand how to deal with his weaknesses.
  • The personal compass is not only important for guiding your behavior when dealing with family members and youngsters, but it can also help you direct the interactions between different types of people at work, between neighbors, and with your family members and your husband’s family, in other words, a personal compass will guide your life and make your relationship successful on All levels.

In any case, you are the biggest beneficiary of these changes. Understanding the different personality characteristics, their pros and cons, their weaknesses and strengths, make you ready to deal with different patterns in an appropriate manner, in order to achieve harmony between all persons and successfully establish important personal relationships.

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Understand the spouse’s personality

After the personal compass test method , better understanding means better communication, and this is why people undergo personality tests, in general, the wife must understand herself better first, although we are all individuals, and each person may differ from any personal category in which they are placed, it is It helps to know more about our views and our way of thinking.

In a study on marriage satisfaction and types of personality patterns , more than 400 married and previously married couples were conducted to take a personal compass test and then followed them for seven years.

In general, the study found that husbands were happier when they were able to communicate effectively and calmly, as well as share interests together. New couples are more likely to communicate effectively and calmly when they understand each other’s personality patterns better. This is where the test might be. Personality is a wonderful tool. When we realize the unique traits our spouses possess, we can better understand how they view the world and how they can be happy together.

How to discover the nature and character of the husband

The wife can know the characteristics of her husband’s personality through many things and understand them greatly, because she can start a dialogue with him about the things he loves, communicate with him constantly and listen to him, which allows her to understand his ways of thinking and his views in life, even if his personality is one of the most difficult types. Characters .
She can also find common ground in his daily activities and the activities he loves, for example, if the husband who loves the Playstation, does not mind playing games or loves to watch football, then she can participate in watching some games, sometimes, by participating in the games. In different situations, the husband’s personality gradually becomes clear, and not only that, but on the contrary, the wife can listen and observe all the behavior and actions of the husband in dealing with others very well, with the possibility of revealing his behavior in different situations, in addition to the strengths and weaknesses of his personality. And learn how to deal with his personality patterns .
Therefore, the secret of the success of the family and the consolidation of happiness and satisfaction is the need to work hard to know the character of the husband, so the husband and wife must get to know each other’s personalities in order to find common ground.